How to Start Forex Trading from the Ground Up

Forex Trading for Beginners

Foreign currency trading is a global decentralized currency exchange trade market. This is the largest liquid exchange market in the world, with an daily average of more than $5 trillion! Few stocks worldwide can compare to it in profitability.

However, very often someone enters the trade who doesn’t really know much about it. Almost always the outcome is foreseeable – zeroing out of the account. And all you have to go on is to understand how to get started in forex trading properly, and avoid a lot of errors at the same time.

Here’s what NEXTCENT can help you get there now.

Getting Started with Trading 

One of the first questions investors ask is how much money to start forex trading with. One misconception is important to clear up at once, the gist of which is that the lower the amount of the broker’s minimum deposits, the higher the better.

So many people want to find a broker, offering to begin with 10 or 5 dollars, and are very glad when they find it.

More money on the account, more risk, so it is not necessary to start with 5 Dollars, to those, who are making their first steps on the finance markets.

With $250-500 deposits, assuming you risk not more than 1% on every trade, you could earn $5-10 a day, on average. At that pace, in a year you can boost your income to a few thousand bucks and start trading in earnest.

Forex trading cannot be done at all without investment, although it is possible to earn more or less enough money even with the minimum amount of expenses. But the amount of money to begin Forex trading mainly depends on the tool with which the trader is going to operate.

Choosing a Forex Broker

Ok, the required sum is determined and found, but how to start trading on the Forex market, which site to visit, and what to do? To directly enter the market, get quotes, and start trading you will need:

  • find a broker;
  • register with it;
  • to open an account;
  • make a deposit;
  • download trading terminal;
  • select assets, analyze them, open a position and make a profit.

And now in order. The choice of a broker is a subjective matter.

There are some general rules on how to start trading on Forex, which is desirable to follow. 

Read about them below:


When choosing, you should consider how many years it has been working in the market of services. The longer the better, it is desirable to have not less than 5 years.


The presence of the license from the serious regulatory bodies shows that the company is responsible for the quality of its services and is aimed at long-term work. 


When the broker is chosen, the only thing to do is to register. The process can differ a little from broker to broker, but in general, everything is similar. You have to enter all the basic information about your personality or at first, just your name and e-mail or telephone number, to which a link will be sent for confirmation and the continuation of the process. 

Besides the data you enter at registration, you should verify your account – it is enough to send a scan of the main page of your passport or other official document confirming your identity. This is done not because of brokers’ harmfulness, but because it is required by the financial regulators, who control the order and don’t allow the laundering of illegal income.

At this point all the preparations are complete and, if the theoretical basis is already formed, nothing prevents you from getting down to work.

Manual Trading in Forex

The most important thing in manual trading is to act on the system. Especially for manual trading, they come up with trading strategies that are constantly being updated.

Doing it by yourself on the Forex market gives you a lot more opportunities. The higher the skill of the trader who prefers manual trading on Forex, the bigger volumes of money he can manage, accordingly, the more he will be able to earn. In most cases the approximate prediction of the price movement is not a difficult task, there are the simplest price models that work with up to 90% efficiency. It is possible to find these models and learn how to use them.

Tips for Newcomers to Forex Trading 

There are a huge number of books by famous authors, which teach how to use technical methods to predict the movement of prices in the markets and successful financial operations.

The books are a basic guide to technical analysis of financial instruments. But we offer some tips for beginners:

  • don’t trade on a schedule  a decision must mature;
  • define your scenario of actions in advance;
  • act in a disciplined manner;
  • limit the amount of information;
  • don’t read much, read useful things;
  • don’t mix trading with academic views.

And most importantly, stay cool and calm.

Dive into the fascinating world of finance! And remember: The knowledge you acquire will save you money in the future. So don’t forget to educate yourself with NEXTCENT.

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